This is my response to the Monday Mural prompt at Poefusion (the image above is this week’s prompt). I chose to write this in chained lunes. Enjoy.


Soft sleeping Virgin,
did you fall to Earth
from your perch

on the moon
and sink into the ground
to take repose?

That moon perch
lays bowed in the sky
above sleeping eyes –

your sleeping eyes,
for us to gaze upon
in loving awe.

Dare we disturb
your quiet, entombed, lucid dreaming
to request intercession

for our frailty
as we forever unfailingly fall
and find sin?

Written 6/15/08
©2008 Nicole Nicholson. All Rights Reserved.
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About ravenswingpoetry

I am a 38 year old writer from Columbus, OH and the creator of Raven's Wing Poetry. I am a poet, seeker, fellow traveler, and autistic.
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13 Responses to Sleep

  1. paisley says:

    wow.. i hadn’t even looked at monday mural yet.. that photo is amazing ,, and what you did with it perfection…

  2. lissa says:

    i love the way the lines flow together effortlessly. wonderful soft rhythm.

  3. lissa says:

    feels like a prayer of some sort and yet in doesn’t end that way, perfect match for the image

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. My first thought when I saw Monday Mural was of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I am not Catholic, but I work in a Catholic seminary, and I am learning more about Marian devotion. I guess we all need a mother, someone who gives unconditional acceptance. But I wonder – who took care of Mary?

    Just some random thoughts.

    Thank you all for visiting.


  5. Beautifully written. Your words take us on a journey from a born Virgin to a fall into sin. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem. Have a nice day.

  6. Thank you for your compliments. I am honored.


  7. Jade says:

    a beauty, chained lune — i have to learn this form.
    a ethereal quality in your poem that is enchanting.

  8. Thank you, Jade.

    I’ve just started experimenting with shorter forms like lunes and hay(na)ku – I find that chained, they can effectively tell a story or convey an idea without an excess of words.


  9. Chained lunes. I like the oncept. Very beautiul..

    sleeping dreams

  10. Thank you, gautami.


  11. “unfailingly fall”

    Ooh . . . I can feel that sometimes.



  12. Oh yeah, and just when you think you’ve got all of your stuff together, too. I *know* how that is.


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