Read Write Poem Closing Down

I was shocked and saddened to read this morning that Read Write Poem will be closing down at the end of April. See the announcement at: There was a part of me that, for a minute, hoped that this is an early April Fool’s joke. But I don’t think that it is.

I, for one, have to thank RWP. As of this May, I will have been part of the RWP community for two years. I have enjoyed the information and resources that RWP presented, as well as the weekly prompts, which challenged me to write more and write better. I have constantly mentioned this community when I read live at open mics, because I really do feel it has been a wonderful thing that has happened in mine and others’ poetry lives. And I am sad to see it go.

I know that there is a large contingent of readers of Raven’s Wing Poetry who come from RWP. I think that we’ve been reading each other’s work, commenting on it, offering constructive criticism when needed, and enjoying the virtual community in that exchange and reading. While I don’t know about our capability to continue the vast, expansive mission of Read Write Poem, I hope that in some capacity, we can continue the community aspect that RWP offered with each other. I don’t know if that would happen in the form of another place that offers weekly writing prompts that try to challenge us at least somewhat close to how the RWP prompts did, or if it would be more, or if it would simply be community to come together, share, and maybe collaborate.

Please, I want your thoughts and reactions. I’ve been on a wonderful adventure with poetry in the blogosphere for the last two years, and I want this to continue. I’m sure you do too. Please leave your thoughts either through comments on this post or backchannel through my “About The Poet” page.


Nicole Nicholson
Founder, Raven’s Wing Poetry

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About ravenswingpoetry

I am a 38 year old writer from Columbus, OH and the creator of Raven's Wing Poetry. I am a poet, seeker, fellow traveler, and autistic.
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52 Responses to Read Write Poem Closing Down

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  2. barbara says:

    Sorry to see it going. Not many utopian communities survive the departure of their founders. It has been a productive relationship for me. Come to think of it, I’ve had relationships that didn’t last as long. And some that did gave me much less.
    We still have April

  3. Nicole,

    I am saddened greatly to hear this news. How is it possible? I love RWP! I have only been a member since December and have throughly enjoyed may time there. Thanks for the information.


  4. Zouxzoux says:

    Ohmigosh, I had no idea! This is the first I’m hearing of this having been out of the loop for a few days. I hate to see RWP go – it’s been so wonderful for helping me get my creative juices flowing. Maybe some of us can continue on a smaller scale? I know I’ll really miss the support of the friends I’ve met through RWP.

  5. irene says:

    Hi Nicole,
    I’m sorry to lose this support and this is the sentiment that is echoing right now. Maybe we can do a kind of poetic Woodstock community. We could all contribute prompts and keep this thing going after April. Surely we can get organised. We need a host blog and everyone will flock there. David Moolten where are you?! We’ll have April to think through. What says everybody?


  6. Neil Reid says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Nicole!

    I was broken-hearted at first, and still feel sad for the pending loss. And I thank in all sincerity the many good folk who stepped to the line and made RWP possible and then shine so bright. And I understand too, how things change. Yet your posting here only reminds me clear what (or who) also made RWP what it has come to be – us. I have valued our community with all my heart.

    And maybe your posting here, and this small flock already gathering, lets me see possibility instead of regret. I already scanned the membership for the active folk I’ve come to know, so as to assure myself of keeping in touch at least personally. However, if interest and interest provides, I can also now see the possibility of a gathering place, a simple blog, the community we’ve already come to know, and that in simple form we could continue if we wished.

    Some prompts, maybe some articles, that really isn’t so hard. I could easily live without the refinements of the formal RWP site. They weren’t the reason I was there nor remained. The reason was the sincere desire to support people who want to write poems in good and kindly faith, and because of all of us, the opportunity for interaction.

    So maybe if you harbor the same desires, here is one place too, to express yourself. Lets let the message spread a while, see what’s what for folks. (And feel free to email me too if you wish. My address is on my blog “about” page.) Maybe nothing, maybe something. But I wanna look see.
    Good for you Nicole!

  7. Neil Reid says:

    Just to let you also know, I sent an email to RWP, asking that they create a posting on-site to allow comments from the membership – whatever they might be. Seems only right and in the spirit of RWP. Hopefully they’ll agree. We’ll see what comes.

    Meanwhile, good writing to us all.

  8. Neil Reid says:

    Alright one more! Chanda start a forum topic on RWP just for looking at “what next”.

  9. Hi Everyone,

    I share your feelings and agree that we should try to continue onwards somehow. At the same time, I’m not sure what the best approach would be. Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth (hopefully at least three).

    The workload and stress level for keeping RWP clearly became immense and too much to bear for the key people. But there were so many unique aspects to the site that made it different and special in organic/subjective ways. Not just prompts, but interesting and diverse prompts, columns, guests, specialized workshops, visual art, video etc. It’s amazing how many people flocked there on a daily basis, how many new people are signing up even now that the site is moribund. If we just went with prompts, we’d lose all that. On the other hand trying to do too much might simply replicate what has just occurred. I wonder if we could try to do something “interim” and gradually build it up, adding features as we are able. I for one am willing to help out as things move forwards, though like most of you, I’m good at some things, not so good at others.

    There are three key things that RWP had that we will need in some capacity, a little now and more later. One is some technical help; someone or someones with geek savvy. Second is writing and editing and more editing; having columns and visitors and other features I think really made RWP special. This will be tough. Last, and maybe toughest will be “personality,” keep in mind is how personality driven RWP was–which I think was a big plus–Dana, Nathan, and the other folks involved in giving it that something extra day in day out. Just about everything on the site from the log-in to the logo had terrific style. That will be the hardest thing to try and recreate.

    Having said all that, I’d suggest using these “ingredients” as a guide to create something new, rather than just “recreate” RWP. I doubt we’d ever be able to have exactly what we had anyway. But I do think there’s every chance of using what we’ve all learned to make something different yet ultimately satisfying.

  10. zouxzoux says:

    Ok, this is me speaking as a tech non-geek. IMO, simpler is better. With all the free blog sites out there I don’t see a need to pay for a site, as Chandra, etc are discussing. Do we really want the responsibility of imulating RWP? Do we have the time (within our busy lives) to devote to such an endeavor? I don’t. I’s just like to keep the prompts going and keep in touch with those I’ve met and are like-minded. We could do a round-robin prompt every week with everyone having a turn. We can work this out.


  11. zouxzoux says:

    Gah. In other words, I pretty much agree with David.

  12. Zouxzoux,
    Sounds good to me!

  13. James says:

    I was also hoping this was an April Fool joke. Don’t think so now. It’s like it became too big to be workable. I wonder if something simpler like the original RWP model might work. Just prompts on Friday and a place to post them on Thursdays.

  14. James says:

    In the meantime, I’m crazily adding RWP members’ sites to my RSS reader and following on twitter. I really hate the idea of losing touch with all these fine people and their writing.

  15. Mallery says:

    I definitely want to participate in a weekly prompt group if we start one with RWP members. I can’t say I’ll set up and help organise it, but I think the round-robin idea of offering prompts is great. Eventually, maybe, there will be more to the group than just prompts, but I agree with zouxzoux that trying to keep up the whole shebang of RWP (the groups, articles, etc.) would be a bit too much, at least for now. Keep me in the loop of whatever gets formulated!

    malleryk [at] gmail [dot] com, and on

  16. Irene just pointed me to this thread, and I’m glad she did… it’s great to see such a lively response. For my part, I would be happy to see RWP survive, or if succeeded by another similar community, I’d be happy to throw my lot in there too. (I have lots of lots to throw.) The poetry blogosphere is so intertwined anyway, that I think we’re all aware of each others’ sites and whatnot; keep that networking going and people will self-enable to bring themselves together. 🙂

  17. angie says:

    I just found this thread, too.

    like James, I’m crazy-adding people to my rss reader. it will be sad to lose the rwp touchstone, the place we’ve all grown to count on to find each other.

    maybe a sort-of old-fashioned traveling neighborhood dinner party could get started up in may. we could all take turns posting and hosting a weekly prompt?

    just a thought.

  18. Hi all:

    I’m (partially) crossposting this from the discussion over at RWP.

    I’m thinking that yes, to create something similar to Read Write Poem, with all of the same features as RWP, would involve a lot, both time and money wise. I guess the question here is, what resources do people have and how much can they contribute?

    I don’t have the time or the resources to recreate anything like Read Write Poem, nor do a lot of people who have commented both here and on the thread at RWP. I like the idea of us continuing in some sort of community fashion, with each of us hosting a weekly prompt. My first thought would be that at least a central, or home-base, kind of blog be set up. Even from there, each of us could offer a prompt per week (say on Fridays) and we’d post our poems on Thursdays. I don’t know if we’d be in favor of a) going to each person’s blog to check out the prompt, or b) if we’d want to keep the prompts on the central blog site, and some of us be given author access to be able to post and do other things. I would be willing to help in some capacity with maybe set up and prompt hosting.

    Also, I understand that Rob Kistner is reopening Writer’s Island as of May 1. That may harbor some possibilities too.

    I’ll be quite honest: I loved the additional features RWP had, but the most important things to me were the sense of community and the practice, introduction to new technique and forms, and so forth that we benefitted from via the weekly prompts. I would be happy if at least *that* continued.

    Please, keep commenting and posting. I think this is a wonderful discussion…and please invite your fellow RWP’ers over here who haven’t seen this yet.


  19. carolee says:

    hi, everyone.

    i am so sorry for the sadness you’re feeling; i’m feeling it, too.

    but i am so inspired to hear of the sense of community and support you all feel from the site. i’ve been there since the beginning (and with another site before it that lead to RWP), and i have to say that some of my best friends and biggest advocates of each other’s writing STILL come from the group of us that gravitated to one another way back when.

    community happens when people read and respond to one another’s work, and i really hope that little communities spin-off the bigger project based on natural affinities and interests.

    certainly, this conversation here gives me hope for that. 🙂

    i’m part of the discussion happening at the site; thanks for bringing it here, as well.

  20. I feel just as everyone else does about this sad news…but I am friends with on of the editorial staff. (Deb Scott and I went to grade school through high school together!) and she along with a few others is really trying to put something else together. Also, Rob Kristner is re-starting his group called Writer’s Block (you can find the address for it in the comments for RWP prompt # 120. He will be putting on a prompt every Saturday starting in May.
    Quite a few of us are “friending” each other on Facebook, and if we all can do that, our blogposts will be available for us all to read…I just know with all these great minds at work here, we can figure something out! Let’s just not lose touch with each other and also with something so great…our community!

  21. Mark says:

    Hey there, just thought I’d offer this thought to the mix…

    I have web space that I pay for to host my own web site. I’d be more than happy to create another site for this, as I think what RWP did at its core was great; encouraging people to write…and I would like to help in a small way to keep that sort of thing alive.

    A group of people, on a rotating basis, offering up prompts…so that no one person gets overwhelmed…and for the time being, leave it at that.

    Just a thought…

  22. @Mark: I think this is an awesome idea.

    I think maybe since there’s so many of us wanting to continue, I might stick up a poll here in the next couple of days to see exactly what we all want to do, just to get what the consensus is in number. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have tons of time, but I’m glad to help out in any way possible. This might just be a good possibility.

    Oh yeah — I think that whoever suggests the prompt for that week should get some link love back to their blog.

  23. I’d also like to mention that I just went back to the thread over at RWP and found carorlee’s last post. Evidently, she and a small team have been working on a project to create something, not as an RWP replacement per se, but something that would providing prompts weekly, multi-day challenges, and some other stuff. I mention this here in case folks would want to consider that option to continue this community in some fashion.

    There’s more info in her post about 2/3 of the way down on the page. Check out:


  24. mark says:

    Well, Like I said, it’s an idea and an offer.

    I like the idea of a hosted site where we can do what we like. Free WordPress blogs are great, but lack the amount of customization that could be helpful….

    Anyhow, whatever works out best for everyone would be fine by me…

  25. Hi Mark: I still like the idea you offered. I was mainly mentioning Carolee’s project just in case any wanted to consider that as an option. Truthfully, both ideas look good to me.

    I wonder if at some point if we want to discuss further options, maybe we should go off-blog? If nothing else, to discuss the nitty gritty.

    Just a few thoughts.


  26. mark says:

    Whatever the majority elect to do is fine with me…and sure, you can contact me off-list if you wish.

  27. Rallentanda says:

    I agree with Nicole in the importance of introduction to new technique and forms with regard to the prompts. I have seen some other poetry sites and frankly the literary expression is poor and the prompts are just not of the standard of RWP.I think the weekly prompt with attention to various forms are a priority .The occasional article by David, Ren, Sage,Kristen, January, Robert and others would also make a site more interesting.I think Mark’s idea is a good one.I am willing to contribute prompts,organise competitons and write an article occasionally . I think it is important that the current standard be maintained.How many members would be interested in this option?

  28. Rall,
    That sounds like an excellent idea.

  29. mark says:

    But…won’t that lead to much the same problem as currently the case is? If we want to keep a community feeling or situation in place or pushing the idea of poetry as literature by focusing on form only?

    Understand, I’ll be happy to provide hosting under my account with a blog of some type (whichever the group wishes) and a forum if that is also desired. These are easy things to do. But for myself, I have no interest in an exclusive succession of ‘form’ prompts. Those are fine, but they shouldn’t be the main focus.

    Just my tuppence…

  30. Well, can we balance both? I think maybe we could use the new site to help us continue to develop as writers as well as encourage community. I think we could probably do a mix of form, non-form, fun prompts, picture prompts, etc. Experimentation and growth would be the key here. But we need to have the community aspect too — to help each other grow, encourage each other, or if nothing else, for the sake of sharing. I honest to God think this can be done.

    I’m not sure how I feel about articles yet. I like the idea, but we could probably start simple with prompts and then move to adding articles at some point in the future. I’ll have to say more about this later.

    I think we should have a kind of a narrow-ish focus to begin with — a mission statement, if you will — or we might grow too much too quickly. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or convoluted, just something that states our intent of what this site would be.

    Any thoughts?


  31. mark says:

    That’s what I was thinking, Nicole. Because I think the broad goals of RWP, while commendable, were difficult to achieve with volunteers. I know for myself, than I spiraled in a state of frozen silence. The words were in my head, but they couldn’t escape…so I did nothing. Didn’t’ respond to anything for awhile…and with volunteers, that happens.

    So, having a rotating group of people who post prompts on a regular basis keeps things fresh. They don’t all have to be one sort of prompt or another. That’s why having a group rotate prompts would be ideal to start. Let things grow as needs change. Keep it tight and simple in the beginning.

  32. And I think we have enough talented, creative, and resourceful people in our community to make the prompts worthwhile and challenging and at the same time allow a diverse mix of things.

    I’d also be willing to contribute articles as well as prompts. As I said, my time is somewhat limited, but I am willing to help.


  33. mark says:

    I ado agree about the wealth of talented and creative people…that is a given. 🙂

  34. Zouxzoux says:

    Personally, I prefer creativity, simplicity and community over form. Of course, as much as I loved RWP I didn’t have the personal time to participate in all it had to offer – pretty much kept to the weekly prompts.

    I like Mark’s ideas.

  35. Neil Reid says:

    Hello Folks, I am encouraged by the interest I see growing here. A couple suggestions for now, approaching mid-April here.
    1) Soon, within a week perhaps, we might want to settle on one single focus point for shared connection regards us RWP folk. (RWP will soon be gone. And THAT is the connection point everyone right now knows.) So, even if not the final place, there needs be an agreed upon PLACE. And then here, RWP, and wherever else, announce that location. Make sense?

    Some place to move this conversation along with the one at RWP itself. Yes?
    I’d suggest something technically simple and already within our greater AND lesser experience, so as to support a broader range of co-authors. (WordPress is an easy easy system that way.)

    One conversation rather than two or three, that would be good, would you think?

    2) What purpose for RWP-next into the future? Maybe go read the current RWP statements and guidelines for starters? That would be good.

    3) Really look at what aspects of RWP did you use yourself? Those are going to be the things people are willing to really do some work to make happen.

    I think there’s a need for this PLACE already. Right now lots is getting put into one bucket.

    I have no particular expertise either technically nor as a writer, however, my penny is in and I am willing to do some work to make this happen for us.

  36. Rallentanda says:

    I did not propose a form only prompt.That would be far too stitched.I
    suggested that it should be inclusive for those members who like to learn as well as write . I have learned a lot on this site.

  37. rob kistner says:

    REMINDER: As I noted on RWP, and as was mentioned herein, I am re-opening Writer’s Island after having closed it for a year. It’s not a replacement for RWP, not my intention.

    WI is just a nice casual place to find weekly writing prompts — and post links to your work on a friendly, low-key, community site.

    We Islanders poem, we write, we beach comb — we have fun. All are invited. If you want more info, go HERE. First new weekly prompt goes up Saturday May 1st.

    I contribute links to my ongoing work on a number of ‘prompt’ sites, as I have for a number of years, and will continue to do so — but I will really miss RWP. I followed Dana from Poetry Thursday to RWP. Sorry to see her go… ;(

    Image & Verse

  38. A tuppence of my own…

    I agree that it’s better not to get ahead of oneself right at the beginning, but one of the wonderful things about RWP was that there really was something for everyone, at all different levels. You had workshopping for different levels, weekly prompts that had lots of different shapes (photo prompts, wordle prompts, etc.), mini-challenges and articles by published poets, etc. At some point it seemed like there was a bit of an obsession with getting something up EVERY day that saturated the site a bit, but there was such a diverse buffet of things to do that it was impossible to stay dis-interested for long.

    Maybe a better way to do it would be to have different people maintain a variety of pages (those who want to do prompt sites can, those who want to moderate workshopping or article writing can, those who want to get well-known poets to put in their two cents can, etc.), and explicitly relate them together as sister sites? Things could develop at their own pace in each arena, without one central page getting too cluttered, but the community would be shared between them all… somehow.

    Not sure of the logistics of it. I’m just spitting out ideas. 🙂

  39. @Joseph: And that’s a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion.

    @Rob: Thank you for reminding us about Writer’s Island reopening.

    @Neil: Thank you for reminding us of the urgency at hand. The first poll will be going up shortly.

    Re: form prompts — I don’t think anyone was suggesting this, and if I added to the confusion, I’m truly sorry. I think what we all want is a virtual community that will help us grow as writers, in whatever form that may take.

    Please watch for my next comment for details on a poll. It should be going up in the next hour.


  40. And here’s the poll I was talking about. Please go over and put in your two cents!


  41. Nicole,
    My husband and I have been discussing a blog we could set up where everyone could write a poem a day or just write something even an ellipses just something to keep the creativity flowing. It could be a good idea in accordance with Rob opening “Writer’s Island” again. What do you think?

  42. Paul Oakley says:

    Sorry I’m late to this discussion. I was away when the Doomsday message was posted on RWP and never had the time to commit to NaPoWriMo, so I had already started mourning the loss.

    I agree 100% with Zouxzoux’s comment on April 9 above. All that wonderful content at RWP and I never had time for any of it except the weekly prompts: writing my poems and reading and commenting on the great stuff all you all produced each week took ALL my available time. So keeping whatever we do simple makes the most sense to me.

    Using a network of free blog sites, each one with its own “thing” but with clear links to others in the network would allow minimal investment of time and geekspertise and no or nearly no expense. One blog could post prompts provided tag-team-style by members and the related get-your-poem-on post. For that matter, get your poem on could even be offered on a different blog site from the prompts, if that would help spread out the responsibility. Another could host or link to articles. Yet others could host forums. Etc. Another could act as hub to ensure that all the parts were easily accessible to everyone, nothing lost in the cracks. With this kind of network, if one of the individual hosts/volunteers had to step away because of other responsibilities or because of burnout, that module could just go dormant until someone stepped up with no effect on the survival of the network. And successor sites to those gone dormant could all be integrated through the hub and links on the other sites.

    We don’t have to be France. We can be a Federation of Poetic States of Being.

  43. rob kistner says:

    Paul – I am a proponent of the linked series of independent sites. We may or may not want to choose an “umbrella” name for the linked community of sites, which would appear as a header in the sidebar’s of the relevant grouped site links — to simply point out the more that random relationship? Don’t know if that’s important or not. I’ll go with the flow of the group here.

    When I re-open Writer’s Island on Saturday, May 1st, with it’s first new weekly writing prompt – it will be linked to every writing prompt site that I personally frequent… and I am glad to include any new sites that evolve out of this RWP community. The master widget is all ready to load onto my site’s sidebar.

    Anyone who wishes to have their new (or current) prompt site included, simply go the Island and in the comments section of the We’re Back post that is linked right here, and which has been up for a couple weeks — please leave me an accurate and complete URL and badge code for your site. I will be glad to include in with the links to the other such sites.

    Whatever the final decision here, Writer’s Island reopens May 1st and all are invited for some poetry/writing fun.

  44. Neil Reid says:

    Well, I’ve been accused of being a patient sort. Probably not all so true.

    To wit, we’re now half-way to the end of April and the end of RWP. We can only “discuss” just so long before it all becomes scattered out over our respective site homes. (Don’t like that idea.) And so I have put together a “shell”, one possibility of a future home for us, and trying to keep some sense of what RWP offered to us (albeit in a far more simple form).

    At the very least it is a “solely dedicated” site for the new-to-be RWP community.

    So please give it a visit and see what you think. I’ve started some posts for additional and specific topics about how we might make our new home. It will continue only as we wish to play.

    Honestly, not being an A-type personality, I’m some shy about all of this, but willing to push the boundaries by this much. If there is sufficient positive response, we can then post this new site to Read Write Poem itself. It’s important to get the word out before the last moment so that more people have an opportunity to see and link to the new site (once RWP closes, that chance will be gone!). So take a look and speak your piece. (And thank you again Nicole, and everyone!) I so look forward to how we may carry on this exceptional gift that RWP has given us!

    We Write Poems

  45. rob kistner says:

    I like it Neil, and hope it takes root. If and when it does, I would like herewith to request permission to place a badged link to Writer’s Island in the sidebar of We Write Poems. I think WWP is the perfect vehicle upon which all of us, who are or will be operating prompt sites, can place badged links. There simply can’t be too many writing prompt sites, and WWP is a perfect “community center” for all of us who are or have been part of the RWP community — and in some cases (such as mine), part of Dana’s Poetry Thursday community from which RWP evolved. Good gumption Neil!! Get on board everyone, we’re burnin’ daylight…
    Image & Verse
    Writer’s Island

  46. Neil Reid says:

    Thanks Rob! I do appreciate the encouragement!!

    If this We Write Poems takes flight, certainly we’ll make a place for Writer’s Island too.

  47. angie says:

    I like it, too, Neil.


  48. Zouxzoux says:

    Good for you, Neil, for taking the bull by the horns! Now at least we have someplace to organize and get started. I just want to say that I’m dealing with some serious family medical issues and now I’m coming down with something flu-like to boot. Again. *sigh* So it may be a while before I can actually contribute – even my own blog is being neglected right now. But I most definitely want to be a part of We Write Poems (love the name) and hope to contribute in some way to prompt ideas in the future. Near future, I hope.

  49. Neil Reid says:

    @angie, thank you! Good news to hear!

    @Zouxzoux, thank you! I’m so sorry to hear of your medical issues, and now flu as well! No fair. A prayer for healing (to all) my friend. I look forward to your return, happy & healthy! (Glad you like the name.)

    And all, yes the new blog is still a shell (of what may be), but the comments are open right now to us all for whatever you might also want to say and share. (I love this community and look forward to seeing you all at the new location!) We Write Poems

  50. Mallery says:

    Neil, good on you for taking the next step and creating a site we can work with! After I commented last week, I have been following this discussion silently as I couldn’t offer any time or resources of my own, but now that someone has made steps forward I’d like to point out that to actually get this going, somebody needs to take charge as organiser. Neil has taken charge as far as creating a site, which was an important first step. Now would anyone like to step up to organise all of us?

    I don’t have the time or energy to do that, but I can volunteer to provide prompts (whether that’s on a weekly basis or less frequently if the task is shared with others or done round-robin style) and eventually I’d be willing to write articles as well. I’ll provide a first prompt on Thursday 6 May, and we can post our poems the following Wednesday. Anyone else who wants to join me in providing weekly prompts, I am happy and able to organise that aspect of the site. Email me if you want to provide a prompt and the date (pick a Thursday date!) you’d like to do so, and we’ll get started. If only a small number want to do this, we can set up a rotation, or if lots of people want to, we can do it by signing up for specific dates.

    I reckon we move this conversation to We Write Poems, the new blog Neil has made for us to use as we establish what we’ll do next. I’ll post this comment there as well. I’m so happy to see that so many of us want the community that RWP started to continue!

    See you at WWP,

  51. Mallery says:

    (NOTE: I tried to post this once but it didn’t let me because I had too many links: sorry if it ends up posting twice.)

    Neil, good on you for taking the next step and creating a site we can work with! After I commented last week, I have been following this discussion silently as I couldn’t offer any time or resources of my own, but now that someone has made steps forward I’d like to point out that to actually get this going, somebody needs to take charge as organiser. Neil has taken charge as far as creating a site, which was an important first step. Now would anyone like to step up to organise all of us?

    I don’t have the time or energy to do that, but I can volunteer to provide prompts (whether that’s on a weekly basis or less frequently if the task is shared with others or done round-robin style) and eventually I’d be willing to write articles as well. I’ll provide a first prompt on Thursday 6 May, and we can post our poems the following Wednesday. Anyone else who wants to join me in providing weekly prompts, I am happy and able to organise that aspect of the site. Email me (malleryk at gmail dot com) if you want to provide a prompt and the date (pick a Thursday date!) you’d like to do so, and we’ll get started. If only a small number want to do this, we can set up a rotation, or if lots of people want to, we can do it by signing up for specific dates.

    I reckon we move this conversation to We Write Poems, the new blog Neil has made for us to use as we establish what we’ll do next. I’ll post this comment there as well. I’m so happy to see that so many of us want the community that RWP started to continue!

    See you at WWP,

  52. Neil, well done.

    Everyone: I’m closing comments on this post. Please move all further discussion over to We Write Poems. This is primarily for organization sake. I’ll keep the poll up until the 26th, as promised, unless you guys think otherwise.


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