Read Write Poem Folks: Please Take This Poll.


I’ve just set up a short poll to get an idea, in numbers, as to where do we go from here. Considering that RWP will stop offering weekly prompt and new content after May 1, I thought it would be a good idea to get an idea now as to the direction that people are wanting to go in. Please answer the poll below, encourage your fellow RWP’ers to respond, and so forth. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!


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About ravenswingpoetry

I am a 38 year old writer from Columbus, OH and the creator of Raven's Wing Poetry. I am a poet, seeker, fellow traveler, and autistic.
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7 Responses to Read Write Poem Folks: Please Take This Poll.

  1. barbara says:

    I think some things are already bubbling. Rob has opened his site with prompts. Carolee (?) and some others are fiddling around with something called the big tent. I would hate to see so many fragments that the whole thing disappears.

  2. Rallentanda says:

    I think sister sites would be too fragmented ..Maybe it could be considered later on depending on the number of members who wish to follow the new RWP site. I also think we have to give it a new name as this is Dana’s property.We don’t know numbers yet.At least we could keep the same style prompt for Thursday and maybe an article here and there for starters.It would be good to keep the hard core group together for the prompts. It took quite a while to get to know each other and some on a new site might not understand some of our members’ little eccentricities (not mentioning any names here …smirk:)

  3. rob kistner says:

    Do all 3! Why set restrictions. There are already lots of good writing blogs out there, and the more the merrier, there is strength and variety in numbers, that way you’re not at the mercy or influence of a single site. I like a lot of prompts available, and lot of community sites where the links to our work can be posted.

    I will most certainly miss RWP, it was a fine site. But my poetry and writing output has not and will not depend on RWP, or any other single site, as my only inspiration — because I write a lot! I’m reopening Writer’s Island to supply a new prompt every Saturday. It’s a fun and casual site. If folks come, it will stay open. If not, I still have a number of other sites at which I will continue to post links to my ongoing output of work.

  4. Neil Reid says:

    Thanks Nicole! Good step.

    (Off the cuff… ) I’d agree with Rob, why only one, however some measure of realistic consideration to begin is only reasonable. That would largely reflect what we real people would be willing to really do, then see where the most interest really really exists. For non-technical folk like me the notion of linked joining sites (each to it particular interest topic) would seem within easiest reach. Possibilities might include: news, weekly prompts, mini-challenge prompts, articles. (And websites are just linked pages anyway.) Near same names, just separate for ease of topic handling. (Doable.)

    And as what we might create demonstrates for itself, the technology and range can always change and grow.

    Some other things to consider: what name?, what specific activity areas do we really want and are willing to support (like Nicole’s poll here begins)?, who of us is willing to do some work (no blood required, but we gotta ask to see)? That’s more “starters” anyway.

    Dana and RWP fostered an exceptional environment and community. I don’t see right now anything to “replace” it in whole. But that sense of community I think can be continued with a measure of genuine interest and work on our parts. (I wrote before RWP, and I’ll continue, that’s not the question, but together, it is a different chemistry! And for the many of us, with our varied interests and experience – RWP was an exceptional environment.)

    I am willing to setup a blog for us to specifically continue this conversation. It is appropriate I think for a new RWP community to have its own dedicated place to meet, and allow Nicole’s blog to simply be itself. (Big big thank you again to Nicole!!) If some few of us agree, I’ll do the few simple things to setup a new dedicate WordPress blog and get the location out to us as best I can with your help. Time to make more action from words I think. Say the word. ~Neil

  5. @Neil: Thank you for the thoughtful response. My first thought is that setting up a blog for discussion is a great idea. I think I’ll keep the poll open here for about two weeks, just to allow everyone to respond. So I would close it either the night of the 26th or the morning of the 27th (US, Eastern Time).

  6. Midpoint opinion between Rall and Rob: start with a prompt site. Then somebody says, hey, I want to do reviews and invite other people to join in. Then somebody says, hey, I want to do monthly mini-challenges. Somebody else with connections scores an interview with a well-known poet with some frequency. Suddenly you have sister site potential.

    Every site starts slow and builds momentum. Wasn’t even RWP originally just a prompt site (asked the latecomer)? Interconnecting various sites takes the pressure off of one team, allows people to focus on their own specialties, and generates more buzz among more people than just having everything at one place.

    You can guess what I voted for on the poll. ^__^

  7. If you haven’t already, go over and check out We Write Poems.

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