WWP Poem # 17: Undertow

Undertow, by Nicole Nicholson

Undertow, by Nicole Nicholson

This week over at We Write Poems I asked people to plug one (or more) of their own poems into Wordle and then write a poem using the most frequently occuring words. As I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t written in a couple of weeks, it was a bit of a challenge, but looking at my Wordle again inspired me to create the above. Blow it up, print it out, save it, rotate it, read it. I hope you enjoy.


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About ravenswingpoetry

I am a 38 year old writer from Columbus, OH and the creator of Raven's Wing Poetry. I am a poet, seeker, fellow traveler, and autistic.
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9 Responses to WWP Poem # 17: Undertow

  1. pamela says:

    Nicole this is complex and wonderful!
    I love this part:
    `river kidnapped it takes you under until air forgets to exist`

  2. 1sojournal says:

    “wherever tonguess
    eat like coals
    and speak
    like flames”

    so many vivid images pop into my head with just these few words: Joan of Arc and other saints, poets gathering, reading, expressing, sharing, pastors in pulpits, politicians, each one screaming their own version of truth, and the list goes on. Poweful.


  3. Mary says:

    I love how you did it too, Nicole. Clever, creative. Wow!

  4. Mary says:

    Now this really was an original way of doing this. Clever indeed.

  5. Diane T says:

    Your poem(s) are amazing. This must have been painstaking work. Beautiful.

  6. b_y says:

    Wow! Nicole. How’d you manage that?
    This is going to take a while to read–for now, I’m thinking about the poor fanged mandrakes

  7. vivinfrance says:

    Gosh that’s complicated. I spotted some lovely lines, but couldn’t get it to copy to increase the size. When my clever son is here he can put my poems in the spaces of my wordles, but on my own I just get in a mess. How did you do it?

  8. So enjoyed that you left as a wordl and allowed the randomness to speak for itself, with some amazing personal (for me) connections. Bravo

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