Movies suspend disbelief,
make the laws of physics mere
suggestions, voidable at will.

I once saw this at work
in a Bollywood film:
a knavish, pompadoured man
date-stamped about 1967
held a tiny tear aloft
on a single fingertip
and called it beautiful.

This dainty diamond –
million-hued and coruscating
in party lights –
was mined from the birthday girl
whose party had been ruined
by the villain, a screaming flamethrower
who’d made her heart
crush carbon inside its chambers.

In my almost thirty-eight years
walking in starlight
trying to steal diamonds
from its ancient fire,
I have never been able
to replicate that same magic.

Instead, my greatest feat
has been feeding my tears
to mud beds and
watching lotuses awaken,
spread their bodies open to daylight,
and call it beautiful.

Written 4/25/14
© 2014 Nicole Nicholson. All rights reserved.
Aanteekwa needed a break. This poem, instead, is the result of my muse kicking me in the ass and giving me something totally different than I intended. It is perhaps tenuously a response to my own We Write Poems prompt from last week in which I asked poets to write more for the ear. I did borrow from one of Barbara Fant’s refrains from her poem “Handfuls of Honey” (which you can watch in a YouTube video in the prompt post itself) for this piece. It just kind of stuck in my ear.

BTW, the title can be translated as “magic” in a couple of Indian languages (from what I know, Hindi and Telugu). Considering I referenced a Dilip Kumar film (Ram Aur Shyam) scene in stanza two, I figured this was an appropriate title. Also, check out the singing and dancing which breaks out at the party after the hero chastises the villain, shoves cake in his face, and drives him out of the party.



About ravenswingpoetry

I am a 38 year old writer from Columbus, OH and the creator of Raven's Wing Poetry. I am a poet, seeker, fellow traveler, and autistic.
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3 Responses to Jadhu

  1. “watching lotuses awaken,
    spread their bodies open to daylight,
    and call it beautiful.” Love that and learning a new to me word… coruscating

  2. There are other worlds besides the one we were born in. Thanks to opening our eyes to India’s
    Bollywood productions. There are other world with other cultures besides our “west” and it’s good to hear about them.

    I also liked the “Opening Lotus” image.

  3. stimmyabby says:

    I love the first verse and “held a tiny tear aloft
    on a single fingertip
    and called it beautiful.”
    I think the two “and called it beautiful”s really pulled the poem together.
    Each short verse is like a tiny petal on a flower.

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