Autism and Asperger Poetry

Emergence by N.I. Nicholson

Emergence by N.I. Nicholson

“Autism is a gift, disguised as a dilemma.”
Sharisa Kochmeister, as quoted in the autism documentary Loving Lampposts

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog as well as on my other blog Woman With Asperger’s, I am an autistic adult. Some of you remember that I used to refer to myself as an “Aspie”, but I use the term autistic more now as a) Asperger Syndrome is a subset of that spectrum, and b) I consider myself in solidarity with other autistic, no matter how our autistic traits express themselves. I reject functioning labels and simply prefer to refer to myself as autistic. (I have left the term “Asperger” in the title to aid others in finding this page.)

I consider autism, ADHD (or being “scout-minded” as I understand the term), bipolar, synesthesia, and related states of being as neurological differences as opposed to disorders or diseases. Also, I believe very much in the concept of neurodiversity — the idea that many neurological differences are natural states of being and that there are positive advantages to being “wired” differently. While I do not doubt that there are many difficulties or challenges faced by individuals on the spectrum, I tend to agree with Ms. Kochmeister: autism has both its gifts as well as its challenges. I know this all too well.

Through this blog, I have already invited you into my world. This page is dedicated to the poetry I have written about not only about my particular autistic experience, but about autism as a whole.  Dear Reader, I hope you find the poetry enlightening and that you may gain some understanding of what autism is like. Please feel free to leave comments on any of the poems or this page.


All poems @ 2010 – 2014 N.I. Nicholson. All Rights Reserved. Please see the Creative Commons and copyright notices in the sidebar of this site for more information; please contact Mx. Nicholson regarding requests to use any of the works listed above.

5 Responses to Autism and Asperger Poetry

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  3. correctu says:

    I am alone
    Voices are grey
    I don’t really hear them
    Things are just said

    I hear you breathing
    in black and white
    It’s more than I can handle
    I am alone

    This poem @ 2010 – 2012 Carl Gunderman, Asperger’s victim (lol!). All Rights Reserved.

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